Get acquainted with the future's currency! Have you had enough of banks? Of the volatile exchange rates that always mean you lose money? If you have missed out on the fantastic success of Bitcoin, this information is for you! Learn about the business that will help you to earn money even if you don't recruit a single person! There's no need to bother your friends to earn money with a trend that will be decisive in our future financial culture.

OneCoin - today's global business is the currency of the future

Do you feel slightly confused because of this information? It's perfectly normal. These two videos will help you to find answers to your questions. Click on the short videos and I promise that everything will be clear in relation to the OneCoin.

Find out more about OneCoin!

This is a business that has transformed nearly 60 years of multi-level marketing. An entirely different methodology with different speed and different results! Watch the videos and have a look at the chart below to discover a completely new world!


There are no transaction fees and other costs, unlike at banks

There is no monthly fee or obligatory monthly purchase!

Your invested money yields interest and is not lost!

OneCoin is completely legal and operates in all countries of the world!

The system has gained more than 850 000 members in less than a year !

The top earner of network marketing is already building his OneCoin business!


Follow the lead! If you missed out on Bitcoin, use the power of the OneCoin crypto currency! You can even register for free and become a member of the worldwide spread of OneCoin!

Watch what the owner of OneCoin has to say about its future. This is what you've been looking for so far! In the other video you'll hear from the world's best-earning networker about the unique nature of OneCoin.


The main activities of OneCoin

OneCoin offers products and OneAcademy crypto currency training courses (production of OneCoin, operation, exchanges, purchases etc.) for sales while OneCoin partners have the opportunity to mine crypto currency (digital money). The crypto currency has no links to any state or central banks which gives its value. When defining its value the same rules apply as in the case of gold and silver: demand and offer are decisive.

OneCoin Ltd and its products are legal and all official German permits in relation to this may be viewed.


Az OneCoin is a new type of crypto currency

This currency was inspired by the success of its forerunners, Bitcoin and Litecoin. OneCoin grabbed the chance to turn this crypto currency into a success story on the market, using excellent technology and an innovative approach. As all crypto currencies, OneCoin is also mined. A total of 2.1 billion OneCoin may be mined. When all this has been mined no more can be unearthed. OneCoin mining is exclusive, only available to the registered partners of OneCoin.


The owner of the OneCoin company has purchased a bank!

This is the only MLM company with its own bank! This makes transactions significantly easier!


Income list according to

The top 25 includes 4 people from  OneCoin. Indeed, the list is topped by someone involved in OneCoin. It's worth considering that this is the result of 1 year and it's the leading result with 1 500 000 USD! A truly 21st century business with the speed of the 21st century!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is OneCoin better than BitCoin?

Over 5 years BitCoin has gained about 250 000 partners whereas OneCoin has showed a fantastic growth and over less than 2 years we have more than 1 300 000 partners. OneCoin is a company with professional staff and brand - something that BitCoin didn't have.

3. How many coins can be produced a day?

In the first mining period, mining is carried out in 6 blocks and 10  000 coins can be produced in each block. This means that a total of 60 000 coins can be mined every hour, so 1 440 000 coins a day.

5. How does mining work?

Every OneCoin partner is given the opportunity to mine. Their tokens are sent automatically to mine and this is registered. In order to accelerate the mining process, tokens are collected to a communal wallet and are sent in bulk to mine in the blocks. The coins are then registered on our partners' coin accounts upon production.

2. Is OneCoin safe?

Mining and the mining blocks are verified each month by independent auditors and supervisors.

4. What defines the coins' currency?

The demand for OneCoin, so the increase in the number of registered and investing partners, its popularity and the fact that over time it will be more difficult to mine, which also raises its value. OneCoin has the best marketing strategy and technological concept (a complex high-quality algorithm with 3 strong server parks) amongst all its competitors.

Dr. Ruja Ignatova


Follow the lead! If you missed out on Bitcoin, use the power of the OneCoin crypto currency! You can even register for free and become a member of the worldwide spread of OneCoin!